International Travel Policies

UW-Madison’s International Travel Resources, Guidelines and Policies (“Travel Policy”) preclude university-affiliated student travel to locations under a current U.S. Department of State (DoS) Level 3 or Level 4 advisory designation, those specifically designated as a “travel warning” location by the Provost, or that is under a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Warning Level 3 notice.  Students who desire travel to such a location should read the policy in its entirety and consult with UW-Madison’s International Safety and Security Director (ISSD) for more information about possibly requesting a waiver to the policy.  Ron Machoian, the UW-Madison ISSD, can be contacted at, or at 608-890-2446.

For students participating in a study abroad program sponsored by International Academic Programs (IAP) or another unit on campus, the sponsoring study abroad office is responsible for submitting the waiver request.

While staff and faculty are not prohibited from travel to a destination under a travel warning, they are encouraged to discuss their travel plans with supervision.

If you are unsure whether or not your desired destination is under a DoS “travel warning” as described in the policy, visit:

Please read the UW-Madison Travel Policy in its entirety at the link below.  A discussion of the policy can be found on this site under the “Resources/FAQ” tab (see “About the UW-Madison Travel Policy”) and also, under the same tab, at the bottom of the page, FAQs about the policy’s application (see “FAQs about the UW-Madison Travel Policy”).  Specific instructions for requesting a waiver to the policy can be found on this website under the “Forms” tab.

UW-Madison International Resources, Guidelines and Policies 12.17