Conversations with Travelers

The personal thoughts offered here may grow from experiences in a particular location, but are easily translated to many destinations.  Check back often as this page is updated to help you prepare for your travel, become comfortable in your circumstances, and navigate your new surroundings more safely!

On the historic streets of Dublin:  Jessie, an international educator, offers her best advice for remaining safe while studying or visiting in the city of Dublin, Ireland!

Any large city presents risks typical of an urban environment.  Deliberately plan each activity or  trip to avoid or mitigate known risks so you can enjoy your time abroad without unwanted issues or distractions.

Dublin endures its share of petty crime, such as pick-pocketing and purse snatching, but violent crime remains a relatively uncommon event for a city of its size.  Still, it pays to be careful — remain with friends and avoid overcrowded pubs or nightclubs, especially late at night!

Remain in groups of two or more when out.  This is especially important at night … stay together, and look out for each other!

Only carry the amount of cash that you really need for each outing or activity, and be sure to carry it in a place that is not easily pick-pocketed!

When in Seville:  Kaitlyn shares a few tips on how to remain safe while making the most of your study abroad experience in the city of Seville, Spain.

Navigating Delhi:  Kruthika offers her thoughts on the potential for encountering gender and sexual harassment during your travels in India.

Deliberately try to remain aware of your physical surroundings and what is going on around you until you develop a better “feel” for the local culture and community.  You can be cautious without being suspicious!

When you go out, ensure that someone knows where you are going, how you will get there, and when you plan to return.

As you settle into your new home, be sure to think about how you would respond in case there was a fire or other threat to your well-being, such as an earthquake if you’re in an area that is prone to quakes.  Know how to call for fire and medical help and how to get out of the home quickly.

If you become uncomfortable in your circumstances or fear for your well-being for any reason, whether in a homestay or in other lodging, leave the situation immediately and report it to your program office and your UW-Madison study abroad advisor, do not return to a bad situation!

“Staying” at home:  Meg talks to us about how to make your homestay while studying abroad a positive and safe experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!