Helping you navigate a complex and dynamic international environment.


Safe international travel begins at home

There is no substitute for sound planning before you leave. In an effort to serve the UW-Madison community, this site will be revised and updated often to reflect dynamic conditions abroad.

We will add and update information and links about important events and actions that impact the international environment as well as work to present information in an accessible manner.  This website is our bulletin board, a resource that hopefully supports the needs of the UW-Madison community.

The University International Travel Resources, Guidelines and Policies (“Travel Policy”) expresses  UW-Madison’s dedication to the vibrant opportunities that grow from international education, research and outreach.  This policy attempts to mitigate risk present in many parts of the world with reasonable consideration for planned travel to destinations where there is heightened risk. If you are considering travel to a location that is under a U.S. Department of State or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travel  Warning, please read the Travel Policy in its entirety.  The policy is not a constraint on your plans, but instead is a process that describes the university’s interest in ensuring your safety and security in the international environment.  The UITC is very sincerely an enthusiastic partner in helping you achieve your goals abroad.

If you are in need of additional information or have questions about this site or the University International Travel Policy and Guidelines, please feel free to contact Ron Machoian, the UW-Madison ISSD, directly at or telephone 608-890-2446.

Current UITC Members (2019-20):


  • Dan Gold, Director, International Academic Programs
  • John Pfotenhauer, Professor, College of Engineering


  • Katie Block, Assistant Registrar for Student Services, Office of the Registrar
  • Jim Conway, Professor of Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases, Global Health Institute, SMPH
  • Nikki Davis, Associate Director for Program Management, International Academic Programs
  • Michelle Kern Hall, Interim Director, International Internship Program, International Division
  • Li-Ching Ho, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost
  • Jeffrey Karcher, Director, Risk Management, Business Services
  • Mara Kieser, Assistant Dean of Experiential Education, School of Pharmacy
  • Bill Kinsey, Director of Medical Services, University Health Services
  • Amy Kuether, Director of Academic Services, Graduate School
  • David Rosenthal, Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
  • Lesley Sager, Faculty Associate, School of Human Ecology
  • Kathryn Sanchez, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, L&S
  • Katie Tollefson, Assistant Director, International Faculty & Staff Services, Human Resources
  • Sachin Tuli, Faculty Director, International Programs, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Karen Wassarman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CALS