International Travel Policy

Students are subject to UW-Madison’s “International Travel Policy” (International Travel Resources, Guidelines, and Policies). The policy has been revised to reflect the U.S. Department of State and CDC’s updated travel advisory systems. It offers a process by which waivers can be requested if risks can be mitigated effectively. The waiver process is described here: Travel Warning Waiver Request.

Employees are not impacted by the International Travel Policy but are highly encouraged to discuss their travel plans with their supervisor.

The policy acknowledges that there is a balance between risk and the wonderful learning opportunities present in international education, research and outreach.

Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, then-UW-Madison Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, in 2015

UW-Madison’s International Travel Resources, Guidelines and Policies (“International Travel Policy”) expresses the university’s dedication to the vibrant opportunities that grow from international education, research, and outreach.  This policy attempts to mitigate risk present in many parts of the world with reasonable consideration for planned travel to destinations where there is heightened risk. It is not a constraint on your plans, but instead is a process that describes the university’s interest in ensuring your safety and security in the international environment.

The International Travel Policy precludes university-affiliated student travel to locations that are under a current U.S. Department of State Level 3 or Level 4 advisory or a CDC Travel Health Notice of Level 3 or Level 4; or those locations additionally identified by the Provost, upon recommendation by the UITC, as representing significant health or safety risks for the university’s travelers. Locations within countries may be characterized with different State Department travel advisories than the country itself. Travel to locations that are characterized by a Level 3 or Level 4 within a country that is characterized as a Level 1 or Level 2 are also considered under a “Travel Warning” for the purposes of this document.

If you are considering travel to a location that is under a Travel Warning, please read the International Travel Policy in its entirety. A waiver request may be submitted to the International Safety and Security Director when a student has a compelling educational reason to travel to or remain in a location under a Travel Warning. For more information, see the Travel Warning Waiver Request Process.

International Travel Policy Creation

To manage and mitigate risk while traveling abroad, the UITC created UW-Madison's International Travel Policy in consultation with other campus committees and administrative units.

Travel Warnings