International insurance is like packing the right shoes. It is indispensable to your well-being abroad...and costs less than buying a new pair of shoes.


Sampling of CISI Benefits and Services:

  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance services staffed with multilingual representatives
  • Fully assisted emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Payment guarantees issued to overseas hospitals in several languages
  • Direct access to overseas provider network via CISI Emergency Assistance Center
  • Coordination with educational programs to arrange direct-pay relationships with medical providers in top destinations
  • Claim payments issued from CISI offices in several foreign currencies
  • In-house staff to serve as beneficiary’s liaison in the event of a medical or legal crisis
  • Online enrollment for additional independent travel
  • Security Evacuation Benefit covering both political unrest events and natural disasters
  • Coverage for traveling faculty and staff at student rates
  • Drug Translation Tool
  • On-line Provider Network of over 12,000 doctors and hospitals in over 85 countries
  • Zero Deductible, Home Country Coverage
  • Pre-existing allowance