Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


In the event of an emergency or individual issue while abroad, contact local authorities and emergency response agencies first; then, when able, contact the local U.S. embassy or consulate for support if further intervention on your behalf is needed.  

If you require further support, as soon as able to do so, contact the assistance provider noted on your CISI international health and medical insurance card. Then, follow-up by contacting your local host programming office or institution as well as your UW-Madison study abroad office; or, if an employee, your home department or other unit.

The UW-Madison ISSD is a resource for you and can offer further advice and support during a time of need and help coordinate resources to assist you while abroad. Our contact information is found below:

Ronald Machoian, PhD

Associate Dean and International Safety and Security Director

256 Bascom Hall

608-890-2446 (office)

Or, after office hours, call or text:

402-680-9539 (mobile)

Jeremy Rohrer

Assistant International Safety and Security Director

266 Bascom Hall

417-239-9915 (mobile)